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2 Hour Shelling Tour

Boat tours up to 6 people or Groups up to 12 people.

Private tour: Up to 6 people Up to 6 people
Private Tour: 7-11 People 7-12 People | Please Call to Book


  • Private Tour (up to 6 people) – $275
  • Private Tour (up to 12 people) – $550


On our Kice Island Shelling Tour we depart from Caxambas Marina on the south end of Marco Island.  This 2 hour shelling tour is private trip with 2 different size group options.  Marco Island sits atop the 10,000 Islands. With so many amazing beaches just south of us, only accessible by boat, these islands are littered with amazing shells. Our guides have an incredible understandings of tides, currents, weather patterns and prevalence of different specie of shells to help you find the treasures you are searching for. Whether it’s your first time combing the beach or your an avid collector,  we know where to find the best shells this area is known for.

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