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Jet Ski Tour

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Up to 3 Guests 450 lbs Per Jet Ski

See Dolphins on a Guided Marco Island Jet Ski Tour

Want to see south west Floridas  from a different perspective? Experience the beauty and exhilaration of the 10,000 islands with Marco Island Jet Ski Tours. We will guide you in and around the backwaters of the only sub tropical rainforest in North America.  Pristine red mangrove forests open up to bays with calm water. Zip in and Around curves and bends where new sights unfold. You Will Be left Saying WOW with Marco Island Jet Ski Tours.

The 10,000 islands in the Gulf of Mexico  is a giant nursery for all types of fish and crustaceans.  Birds from all over the Americas come to winter in our backyard; the 10,000 islands. 

Egrets, herons, roseate spoonbills, pelicans. Look up and see osprey and bald eagles plucking fish from the water, guarding their nests  or roosting in a tree. 

Resident Dolphins hunt for these fish and raise their young in these waters. In the summer, manatees make their way to vast grass flats to graze. You might catch a glimpse of one of these gentle giants. 

This two-hour tour is a must for all ages. Our first aid certified guides are Florida naturalists. This means they have gone to college and studied the environment of this unique area. They are stewards of the water and land. They impart their knowledge so that you have a better understanding of the complicated and fascinating ecosystem that makes up these 10,000 islands. Our guide conducts a thorough briefing on the operation of the Jet ski  with detail to safety before you depart on your journey.

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